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Editorial by Mona Burton - My View: Investments in quality preschool an investment in the future

11 June 2013
As a partner of a law firm with offices across the Mountain West and in Washington, D.C., board chair of United Way of Salt Lake, and a volunteer job coach for refugee youth, I strongly believe in supporting programs that…

Utah mom: ‘I would have died’ without PCN, state‘s low-income health coverage

08 June 2013
Health reform • If Utah doesn't expand its Medicaid eligibility, what will happen to those who don't qualify and now rely on the state's Primary Care Network?

Poor or rich? In Utah, depends whom you ask

23 May 2013
In an interesting study in contrasts, The Tribune Editorial Board hosted two advocacy groups on the same morning this week that could not have had more disparate perspectives on the state of Utahns' well-being.

Analysis: Medicaid expansion would save Utah millions, cover 123K uninsured

23 May 2013
Affordable Care Act • Report says partial expansion, or none, would cost Utah millions.

County's child poverty rate remains above state average

15 May 2013
Though Utah's economy has been showing overall improvement and steady job growth, 'Kids Count,' a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation has found that child poverty in the state is growing.

Summer workin': Workforce Services holds job fair for teens

11 May 2013
Summer for most teens means vacations, parties and freedom from the halls of their school. For many teens it also means three months to earn some cash to pay for a car, college or a new tablet for the upcoming…

Editorial by John Florez: Bureaucracies perpetuate poverty

11 May 2013
Fighting poverty is a growth industry that perpetuates the cycle of poverty. We have created a vast network of specialized social service bureaucracies that help people based on symptoms rather than causes. It's like giving a patient an aspirin when…

Deal with feds reached: Utah slated for two online health exchanges

10 May 2013
Reform • A deal struck by Herbert will keep Avenue H for Utah's small businesses, let the federal government run a market for individuals.

Child poverty rate still rising

28 April 2013
ST. GEORGE — Despite steady job growth and general improvement in the Utah economy, the state's rate of childhood poverty is still on the rise. Other related articles: Utah child poverty rates still rising (Daily Herald, 5-2-13) Utah child poverty…

Utah child poverty rate rises to 16%, as high as 36% in some counties

27 April 2013
Child poverty is on the rise in Utah, a trend child advocates say drives down many other measures of child well-being.