May 21, 2019

Proposed Changes to Utah Medicaid: What You Should Know and Why Your Comments Are Critical!

Utah is not getting the expansion we voted for… Utah Medicaid is facing serious threats

The Legislature’s bill rolling back Proposition 3 includes several harmful changes to Medicaid. The bill proposes to:

  • Create additional reporting requirements for enrollees
  • Limit the number of people who can enroll in Medicaid
  • Make it harder for individuals to access care

These changes would lead to cuts for Utahns’ healthcare and coverage and will put the Utah Medicaid program at risk.

Your Comments Are Needed!

The Utah Department of Health – at the direction of the Governor and Legislature — have released a proposal to make these harmful changes to Utah Medicaid...again.

Comments are the best way to defeat these harmful proposed changes to Utah Medicaid and get us back to the straightforward, full Medicaid expansion you voted for.  Without restrictions or barriers to care. The federal and state government are required to consider all comments; if they don’t, then the proposal can be overturned through legal action. Comments are the reason Kentucky’s Medicaid proposal was stopped in its tracks.

Submit your comments here. Thank you for your continued action!

But wait! Even with these confusing changes, many more people are eligible for Medicaid now because Utah has partially expanded Medicaid. If you or someone you know applied before and were rejected, it is a good time to check again. Find out if you qualify for coverage here!

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