How Healthy Utah Would Benefit Low-income Families

19 November 2014 Published in What's New?

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Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan is a three-year pilot program that would help 111,000 low-income Utahns to get private health insurance coverage, including 57,000 adults in the coverage gap—people whose incomes are too low to qualify for the tax credits that help wealthier people afford health insurance, yet they do not qualify for Medicaid.

healthy-Utah-working-parentsHealthy Utah would help low-income, working families with children.

There are 40,000 parents who would benefit from the Healthy Utah plan.

  • To effectively care for children, parents need their own health.
  • Parents with health insurance are more likely to insure their children.
  • Although 85% of the low-income families that would benefit from the Healthy Utah plan include at least one working adult, many of these families are only one medical bill away from financial disaster such as bankruptcy.

Media: How Healthy Utah Would Help Utah Families



Benefits Working Poor

Single, working mother Melanie Soules talks about how she had to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills from a debilitating condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. When she became too ill to work as a CEO at a real estate agency, she worked as a housekeeper, making too much money to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to purchase a plan on

Good 4 Utah: Demographic analysis indicates the majority of Utahns in the Medicaid coverage gap are working

Saves Lives

Utah filmmaker and kidney failure survivor Paul Gibbs profiles Utahns in the Medicaid coverage gap--people who would qualify for health insurance coverage through the Healthy Utah plan.

Entitled to Life


Prevents Serious Illness

Dr. David N. Sundwall lists five reasons to support the Healthy Utah plan. "Access to preventive services can stop diseases from developing, and access to specialty care can prevent an injury or illness — like diabetes or cancer — from becoming more serious and costly."

Deseret News Op-ed: David N. Sundwall: It's time: Expand Medicaid in Utah now


Prevents Bankruptcy

Former Congresswoman Karen Shepherd explains that "health is the keystone to our families' security." The Healthy Utah plan can prevent working families from experiencing a downward spiral of debt and bankruptcy when faced with a health problem.

Salt Lake Tribune Op-ed: It's time to act on Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan

 Utah uninsured-kids

Enrolls Parents and Children Together

Utah children are less likely to be insured than their counterparts nationwide. National experts suggest that expanding health insurance to low-income parents, as proposed by Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan, could result in more parents enrolling their children in health insurance.

More Utah Children Are Insured, But State Still Lags Behind Rest of Country


Helps Parents and Elderly

While out-of-state detractors have claimed that the Healthy Utah plan only benefits young singles, the truth is that the Healthy Utah plan will also help working parents and older Utahns.

Setting the Record Straight: 5 Reasons to Support the Governor’s Healthy Utah Plan

Learn about how the Healthy Utah plan would benefit taxpayers and the Utah economy.

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Governor Herbert cannot accept federal funds for the Healthy Utah plan without the approval of the Utah Legislature.

Instead of Healthy Utah, some lawmakers have suggested:

  • Doing nothing. 
    While the government would continue to help wealthier Utahns get health insurance through tax credits, poor Utahns who do not qualify for Medicaid would get no help at all.

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