February 02, 2020

Three Things Utah Can Do to Ensure Right-Sized Access to Full-Day Kindergarten

Parents want it. Kids benefit from it. Educators believe in it.

So why don't Utah families have more access to full-day kindergarten? 

Our new report, pdf"Three Things Utah Can Do to Ensure Right-Sized Access to Full-Day Kindergarten," explores the landscape of kindergarten programs in Utah and how our state compares to the rest of the nation, discusses the most common barriers to offering more full-day kindergarten in districts and charter schools throughout the state, and proposes three simple steps to "right-size" kindergarten programs to better fit the preferences of Utah families. 

After months of talking to educators, local leaders and families all across the state, we have come to following conclusion: 

Utah families are ready for greater access to full-day kindergarten, and many districts and charters are more than ready to meet that need. It is time for Utah to fund kindergarten as it funds other elementary grades, while preserving the right of parents to choose whatever type of kindergarten - half-day, full-day or none - they think is best for their children.

We invite you to dig into this new report and see how full-day and optional extended-day kindergarten programs are already benefitting some Utah children - and what our state can do to expand these critical early learning opportunities to even more kids who need them. 

pdfDownload the full report here >>.

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