Right from the Start

12 March 2013 Written by  

All kids deserve a shot at success. They deserve the opportunity for a quality education "Right from the Start." This video features children who attended high-quality preschool in the Granite School District in Salt Lake City, Utah. While they came from economically disadvantaged circumstances and some pretty big learning deficits, it's clear that they had all the potential in the world to shine; they just needed the opportunity to learn. High-quality preschool for at-risk kids is one very important method of lifting kids out of poverty and giving them the chance they deserve.


Sara Face Shot BetterSara Gunderson, Office Manager and Executive Assistant, joined the organization in 2007. She has extensive administrative experience, including more than eight years in development at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. Sara received her BS in Psychology at the University of Utah with a coursework emphasis in infant and child development.