Celebrating a Legacy

19 June 2015 Written by  

The Voices for Utah Children family was saddened to learn that Roz McGee passed away this week. In 1988, Roz became Utah Children’s first Executive Director. Over the next 13 years she turned an organization with virtually no budget, no staff, and no history into a professional and powerful voice, fighting on behalf of children and families.  

This year Voices for Utah Children is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. As we look back and reflect on all that we have done over the years, we are so thankful for Roz. Her passion and vision has left an imprint on this organization and our staff that continues to inspire and guide our work.

So while we mourn her death, we are comforted in knowing that Roz’s spirit that won her the “Hell Raiser of the Year Award" for leading the charge for children in Utah continues to live in the hearts of the current generation of Hell Raisers here at Voices for Utah Children.


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Sara Face Shot BetterSara Gunderson, Office Manager and Executive Assistant, joined the organization in 2007. She has extensive administrative experience, including more than eight years in development at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. Sara received her BS in Psychology at the University of Utah with a coursework emphasis in infant and child development.