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Each child brings promise of a healthier, stronger future for Utah. To make good on that promise, Utah must ensure children can grow up healthy. Kids need to be able to see a doctor, access good nutrition, have opportunities to run and play, and get the access to healthcare that prevents problems later in life. While nearly all Utahns agree with this sentiment, it is not the case for thousands of children in our community. Despite recent wins in children's healthcare, many kids from low-income, diverse, and underserved communities still do not have access to regular care. However, with a few small changes to Utah policy, we can make a difference in these children's lives. Will you help be a voice for these children?                                                                             


   Voices for Utah Children has been at the center of the fight for children's healthcare for over 30 years. We've made great progress, including expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program and pushing to expand Medicaid; however, an estimated tens of thousands of children still don't have the resources to stay healthy and strong.



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