Utah Education – 30 years at the bottom

30 October 2018 Written by  

As has been pointed out to me recently, I have worked off and on for Voices for Utah Children in each decade of its existence. I have had the privilege to be associated with the organization in some way for almost 30 years! It is amazing how Utah takes one step forward and later two steps back. We continue to fight on behalf of families and children to access health care, child care, economic stability and the perennial favorite, quality K through 12th grade education.

No matter political affiliation, education is on the minds of Utah’s families and politicians. In November, voters will make a decision on ballot Question 1, a non-binding resolution “suggesting” legislators raise gas taxes by 10 cents per gallon to add much needed dollars to Utah’s chronically underfunded education system.

Why, one has to ask, doesn’t Utah just bite the bullet and make a long term commitment to adequately and consistently invest in education? Over the next several months we will blog in depth about Utah’s public education system looking at educational achievement and its relationship to spending, teacher salaries, teacher recruitment and retention, the difference between education spending and funding, and the infrastructure supporting Utah’s public school education system.

Maybe all or part of the question can be answered by this blog – or at least dispel some myths and add a few new facts. Voices goal in this discussion is for Utah’s children to grow up healthy and educated, ready and able to compete in a global economy. And who can argue with that?

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Education Series Blog 1

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After an eleven year hiatus managing a family business and providing direct service in rural Colorado, Patrice is back with Voices to work on fiscal and economic policy issues. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and holds a master degree in business from Colorado State University.