Stay Up-to-Date on Utah’s Partial Medicaid Expansion and Waivers

14 May 2019 Written by  

Learn more about...

  • How newly eligible people can enroll in Medicaid and how you can help connect families with coverage.
  • What’s happening with Utah’s waiver requests to add additional reporting requirements, caps on enrollment, funding limits and other harmful changes to Utah Medicaid that undermine the expansion we voted for.
  • How you can help STOP these harmful changes to Medicaid, and how your input during the forthcoming public comment period makes a difference.

Check out this recent slide show presentation on Utah’s Partial Expansion to learn more ! pdfUtah's Partial Medicaid Expansion presentation

All Utahns deserve access to affordable coverage without barriers, cuts or caps.

JessieJessie Mandle, Senior Health Policy Analyst, joined the organization in 2015. Prior to joining Voices for Utah Children, Jessie was a Senior Program Planner with the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, where she focused on nutrition and Out of School Time areas. Jessie also worked as a policy researcher in Johannesburg, South Africa and oversaw a CDC grant for Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services in Portland, Oregon. Most recently, she worked with the Utah Department of Health and the Utah Cancer Action Network. Jessie has a Master's degree in Public Heath from Portland State University and a B.A. in Government from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.