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Utah’s Medicaid Expansion is Here! What it Means for Kids and Families

13 January 2020
    A quick recap of how Utah got to full Medicaid expansion: In November 2018, voters approved Proposition 3 which fully expanded Medicaid for those up to 138% of the federal poverty level, drawing down extra federal funding for full…

Wintertime Kids’ Coverage Roundup… Tis the Season (to get Insured!)

12 December 2019
It’s been a busy end-of-year for Utah kids’ health coverage, from ACA open enrollment to full Medicaid expansion (almost!). Here’s what’s been going on and what lies ahead in 2020... Where are Utah kids going?? At the last Utah Medicaid…

Tooele County Flyer - Visit October 25, 2019

22 October 2018
Tooele County Flyer - Voices Visit October 25, 2019

Fallback Fallout: A look at the provisions in Utah’s new “Fallback” Medicaid expansion proposal, the impact on kids & families, and what you can do

04 October 2019
For those following the Legislature’s complicated, multi-step 'repleal and replace' of Proposition 3, Full Medicaid Expansion, Utah is now moving onto its third- and potentially final- phase. As a reminder… Phase 1: Senate Bill 96 directs Utah to pay more…

Voices for Utah Children’s Response to Finalized Public Charge Rule

12 August 2019
Today the Department of Homeland Security released its finalized Public Charge rule.  This rule marks a dangerous departure from current federal immigration policy and will have a grave impact on the well-being of Utah children, families and communities. The Trump…

Time for Full Medicaid Expansion

27 July 2019
New reports that the Trump Administration will not grant Utah waivers for a partial Medicaid expansion only underscore what we know: Utah must move forward with full Medicaid expansion, without delays or barriers. Too many Utahns have been shut out,…

Updated Statement Opposing News to Ramped Up Deportations

11 July 2019
Several weeks ago, threatening statements were made by the Trump Administration to ramp up deportations. Today, news outlets including The New York Times have reported that scheduled neighborhood ICE raids will begin this Sunday, July 14th in selected cities. Voices…

Utah’s New Early Childhood Commission Needs YOUR Expertise.  

25 June 2019
Are you concerned that young families in Utah can’t access services to help their kids grow up healthy and strong?  Have you seen families with young children who have special education needs struggle to find diagnoses and early interventions?  Are…

Statement Opposing the Trump Administration's Recent Threat to Ramp Up Deportations

21 June 2019
Voices for Utah Children's Statement Opposing the Trump Administration's Recent Threat to Ramp Up Deportations. This week, the Trump Administration released threatening statements to begin ramping up raids and deportations around the United States. Voices for Utah Children is a…

Letter of Support for Proposed Salt Lake Co. Resolution Urging Action on Immigration Reform

11 June 2019
June 10, 2019 Today Councilmember Shireen Ghorbani presented “A Resolution of the Salt Lake County Council Urging Utah’s Federal Delegation to Take Action on Immigration Reform that Reflects Salt Lake County’s Commitment As a Certified Welcoming County.” to the Salt…