Herbert’s flawed vision of Medicaid reform - Op Ed, Lincoln Nehring, J.D.

20 August 2012 Published in What's New?

Gov. Gary Herbert has caught the eye of Washington interest groups because of his attacks on Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. But a closer look shows that his vision of reform doesn't work for Utah kids.

In a recent opinion piece in the Washington Times, the governor concedes that the ACA's now-optional Medicaid expansion is not a budget buster. Covering 50,000 uninsured Utahns, including men and women who may soon become moms and dads – will increase Utah's Medicaid spending by less than 5 percent. Keeping these neighbors healthy will largely offset this cost, as taxpayers see reduced mental health and substance abuse spending by our counties and corrections system.

pdfHerbert's flawed vision of Medicaid reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 8-18-12)

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