Utah’s School Funding Cuts Hurt Economy in Short- and Long-Term - Press Release, Allison Rowland, Ph.D.

04 September 2012 Published in What's New?

Salt Lake City, UT – Utah has made cuts to funding distributed directly to school districts since the start of the recession, putting the state's economy and long-term prosperity in jeopardy.

State investment in students at K-12 schools is 8.1 percent below 2008 levels, when adjusted for inflation. Utah has made deeper cuts in per-pupil spending than twenty-six other states, according to a report released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan policy research organization based in Washington, D.C. "These cuts to an education system that already ranks at the bottom in the nation for per pupil spending, undermines our ability to educate Utah children, and there will be consequences for Utah's economy," said Allison Rowland, director of research and budget at Voices for Utah Children. "Good schools and an educated workforce foster economic growth, and these reductions jeopardize that economic growth."

pdfCuts In Education Fundiing (9-5-12)

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