More Kids Will Be Connected with Coverage Thanks to ACA - Say Ahhh! Blog Entry, Lincoln Nehring, JD

14 September 2012 Published in What's New?

The Affordable Care Act reduces the number of eligible, but unenrolled kids in Medicaid and CHIP. Despite what you may have heard, this is a good thing.

In a recent opinion piece in the Washington Times, Utah Governor Gary Herbert concedes that the ACA’s now-optional Medicaid expansion is not a budget buster for the state. Covering 50,000 uninsured Utah parents and adults—a big number for our little state—will increase Utah’s Medicaid spending by less than 5% a year. Further, the state costs of expanding coverage to these folks will largely be offset by reduced mental health and substance abuse spending by our counties and corrections system, reduced uncompensated care in our hospitals, and increased tax revenue to our state coffers.

pdfMore Kids Will Be Connected with Coverage Thanks to ACA (Say Ahhh!, 9-14-12)