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Utah lawmaker hopes to fund public preschool with private dollars

02 January 2013
Early childhood education advocates recognize it could be tough to get Utah lawmakers to agree to pay for a proposed preschool program for at risk-students, given limited dollars and historical resistance to state-funded preschool. That’s why they’re taking a different…

Utah defends its hands-off health insurance exchange plan

24 December 2012
Utah expected its federal high-risk pool — subsidized health coverage for the sick and uninsurable — to be an easy sell. But it proved easier than state officials ever imagined.

Closing the achievement gap begins with preschool

22 December 2012
Gov. Gary Herbert released his budget recommendations last week for the upcoming legislative session. Only $10 million out of a $2.4 billion education budget was allocated to early intervention, which would address children entering kindergarten already behind.

New SAIPE Poverty Figures Released by the U.S. Census Bureau Data shows child poverty still increasing in Utah - Press Statement, Terry Haven

19 December 2012
Estimates (SAIPE) program which provides annual estimates of income and poverty statistics for all school districts, counties, and states. According to the SAIPE data, child poverty in Utah increased slightly from 15.9% in 2010 to 16.3% in 2011, raising the…

Feds: Medicaid expansion all-or-nothing deal for Utah, other states

10 December 2012
Options are narrowing for states, such as Utah, that remain undecided over whether to expand Medicaid to cover more poor adults. When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld federal health reform, but made expanding eligibility for Medicaid optional, state governors got…

Utah food tax could skyrocket, Politics • Lawmakers consider doubling the sales tax; backers say it would help the poor.

15 November 2012
Utah lawmakers are once again considering doubling the state sales tax on food, reversing a cut enacted five years ago. In its place, Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, is proposing targeted relief for low-income Utahns through a refundable credit to help…

Utah website aims to make smarter health insurance shoppers

26 October 2012
Utahns now have a web tool intended to make shopping for health insurance easier. A online site created by the Utah Department of Health Insurance allows comparisons of consumer ratings. Soon, the site will have data showing how quickly insurers…

A Common Foundation: Creating Opportunity for the Next Generation - Presenter Contact Information

10 October 2012
Our conference “A Common Foundation: Creating Opportunity for the Next Generation" was a huge success.  We are so grateful for those who attended and their interest in the support of our goal to break the cycle of poverty in Utah.…

Utahns able to improve their lives better than most of nation, data shows

10 October 2012
When Utahns hit hard times, they are better positioned than much of the nation to find a road up and out, newly released data shows. Utah rates 16th on the 2012 Opportunity Index, a conglomerate of factors that portray how…

My view: High quality preschool closes achievement gap for at-risk children

01 October 2012
The Education Interim Committee on Sept. 19 heard and discussed research based on Granite School District's high quality Title I preschool program. The research proved the program was successful in addressing school readiness, closing the achievement gap for at-risk children…