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A Statement from Voices for Utah Children on the Third Anniversary of CHIPRA, CHIPRA: An Accomplishment to Be Proud Of - Lincoln Nehring, JD

02 February 2012
Salt Lake City –February 4, is the third anniversary of bipartisan legislation that strengthened the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This anniversary provides a great opportunity to reflect on our progress and highlight the important successes we have to celebrate…

Vote NO on HB 210, Severance Tax Amendments: Utah’s Natural Riches Can Help Meet Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s - Allison Rowland, PhD, and Tracy Gruber, JD

30 January 2012
HB 210 (Nielson) would require the deposit of 100% of all severance tax revenues from oil, gas and mining into the permanent state trust fund. The rationale is that future generations deserve to benefit from Utah’s natural wealth. Vote NO…

Vote Yes: SB 37 Intergenerational Poverty Provisions, Sen. Stuart Reid and Rep. Jeremy Peterson - Karen Crompton, President and CEO

30 January 2012
Child poverty and economic hardship can have significant consequences for children’s development and life chances. Growing up in poverty can be harmful to children’s cognitive development and ability to succeed in school, to their social and emotional well-being, and to…

Want to find out if your legislator is connected through social media?

27 January 2012
Click on the link below and the chart will tell you if your state senator or representative is on Facebook or Twitter.  Utah State Legislature and Social Media Chart (1-27-12)  

Vote NO on HB 35: Extension of Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credits - Allison Rowland, PhD, and Tracy Gruber, JD

26 January 2012
The Legislative Fiscal Analyst estimates that the continuation of this credit will reduce revenues deposited into the Education Fund by $2.1 million. The true cost to the Education Fund may be much greater, but there is no way to know…

Utah ranks 4th for child well-being

18 January 2012
Child well-being is strongly related to higher state taxes and robust entitlement programs, according to a study published Wednesday by The Foundation for Child Development.  Utah ranks 4th for child well-being (Deseret News, 1-17-12)

Utah looks at giving kids a boost before kindergarten

13 January 2012
School board • Proposed standards are meant to prepare Utahns for kindergarten and beyond. Education leaders are considering implementing standards outlining what children should know before they enter kindergarten in hopes of helping them be better prepared, but some say…

Shaking Off the Effects of Recession

04 January 2012
Since the onset of a recession rocked the Southern Utah economy three years ago, economists have been anxious for signs of recovery. Slowly, those signs are starting to appear. Budget analysts with Gov. Gary Herbert’s office announced in November 2011…

Better Research, Better Rules Alleviate Concerns with EITC Error Rates - Tracy S. Gruber, Esq.

22 December 2011
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) promotes self-sufficiency by providing a refundable tax credit to low-wage workers. This credit helps offset the impact of regressive taxes like the federal payroll tax and makes work pay for more Americans. Click on…

Water Issues Task Force Proposal is Flawed; Utah’s General Fund is Already Overstretched - Allison Rowland, Ph.D.

21 December 2011
The Water Issues Task Force proposal to fund Utah’s future water projects would take revenue from the sales and use tax, which is the major source of Utah’s General Fund. But the General Fund is already stretched to its limit…