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Data Snapshot on High-Poverty Communities - KIDS COUNT

23 February 2012
All children need strong families and supportive communities to realize their full potential. For the nearly 8 million children under age 18 living in areas of concentrated poverty (see box below for a complete description) in the United States, critical…

Good News for Utah's Children: CMS Upholds Key Affordability and Benefit Protections - Lincoln Nehring, JD

21 February 2012
In 2011 Utah passed SB 180, Medicaid Reform. As with many Medicaid reform efforts happening across the country, SB 180's broad theme was good: control costs through improved care management and quality.  However, also like many Medicaid reform efforts happening…

Vote NO on HB174: Another Earmark would Further Undermine Utah’s General Fund - Allison Rowland, PhD

16 February 2012
HB174 would fund Utah’s future water projects by dedicating 15% of growth in sales and use tax revenue to a Water Resources Construction Fund beginning in 2016. The problem is that sales and use tax is the major source of…

Vote NO on SJR22: A Flawed "Solution" to a Problem that Doesn't Exist - Allison Rowland, PhD

14 February 2012
SJR22 would drastically limit the size of the annual state budget, and seeks to make this change permanent through an amendment to the state constitution. Since Utah’s public officials have successfully balanced the budget through good times and bad, it…

Half of Utah elementary children have had cavities Oral health survey finds more than 2,600 kids had extensive decay.

13 February 2012
The same sugary drinks and sweets that can make children fat are also giving them cavities. A report released Monday shows more than half of Utah children ages 6 to 9 have had tooth decay, which can lead to pain,…

Vote NO on SJR22: A Constitutional Spending Limitation Would Undermine Utah’s Families and Utah’s Economic Growth - Allison Rowland, PhD

08 February 2012
SJR22 would undermine Utah’s economic growth by drastically limiting the size of the annual state budget. It would make this problem permanent through an amendment to the state constitution. Supporters tout this bill as a way to limit what they…

A Statement from Voices for Utah Children on the Third Anniversary of CHIPRA, CHIPRA: An Accomplishment to Be Proud Of - Lincoln Nehring, JD

02 February 2012
Salt Lake City –February 4, is the third anniversary of bipartisan legislation that strengthened the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This anniversary provides a great opportunity to reflect on our progress and highlight the important successes we have to celebrate…

Vote NO on HB 210, Severance Tax Amendments: Utah’s Natural Riches Can Help Meet Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s - Allison Rowland, PhD, and Tracy Gruber, JD

30 January 2012
HB 210 (Nielson) would require the deposit of 100% of all severance tax revenues from oil, gas and mining into the permanent state trust fund. The rationale is that future generations deserve to benefit from Utah’s natural wealth. Vote NO…

Vote Yes: SB 37 Intergenerational Poverty Provisions, Sen. Stuart Reid and Rep. Jeremy Peterson - Karen Crompton, President and CEO

30 January 2012
Child poverty and economic hardship can have significant consequences for children’s development and life chances. Growing up in poverty can be harmful to children’s cognitive development and ability to succeed in school, to their social and emotional well-being, and to…

Want to find out if your legislator is connected through social media?

27 January 2012
Click on the link below and the chart will tell you if your state senator or representative is on Facebook or Twitter.  Utah State Legislature and Social Media Chart (1-27-12)