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Better Research, Better Rules Alleviate Concerns with EITC Error Rates - Tracy S. Gruber, Esq.

22 December 2011
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) promotes self-sufficiency by providing a refundable tax credit to low-wage workers. This credit helps offset the impact of regressive taxes like the federal payroll tax and makes work pay for more Americans. Click on…

Water Issues Task Force Proposal is Flawed; Utah’s General Fund is Already Overstretched - Allison Rowland, Ph.D.

21 December 2011
The Water Issues Task Force proposal to fund Utah’s future water projects would take revenue from the sales and use tax, which is the major source of Utah’s General Fund. But the General Fund is already stretched to its limit…

Utah’s budget debate: transportation and Medicaid

20 December 2011
State spending • Advocates for the poor say earmarks rather than aid hurt flexibility. Unveiling his budget for next year, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert last week bemoaned the growing share flowing to Medicaid. The health insurance program for low-income people…

More custodial parents fall below poverty line as child support payment rates drop

12 December 2011
A growing number of custodial parents fell below the poverty line in 2009 as fewer received the full amount of child support owed to them.  A new Census Bureau report showed that nationwide, 41.2 percent of noncustodial parents received the…

Share your story!

09 December 2011
Do you have a story to tell about how CHIP or Medicaid helped you get your child the health care they needed? If so, Voices for Utah Children would love to hear it! Click here.

Utah’s health reform lawsuit at risk?

05 December 2011
The businesswoman at the center of the Supreme Court case challenging federal health reform has closed her auto-repair shop and filed bankruptcy, raising questions about whether she still has standing to sue, The Wall Street Journal Reports.  Click on link…

Utah's top priorities - Deseret News Editorial, Barbara Munoz

05 December 2011
Sen. Stuart Reid's recent op-ed "Policymakers should shift priorities and resources to children" (Nov. 27) is timely in light of Utah ranking highest in the nation for the second year in a row by Forbes magazine for "Best States for…

‘53 percent’ takes on ‘99 percent’ Occupy movement

03 November 2011
Allison Rowland, research and budget director for the advocacy organization Voices for Utah Children, called the 53-percent perspective “a very superficial and shortsighted view of the tax code.”  Click on link below to read full article. '53 percent' takes on…

Save the children - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, Karen Crompton

03 November 2011
Because of “the future debt we’ll leave our children,” we must make federal budget cuts, the platitude goes. But it is precisely our children’s future that Congress could end up cutting. Programs for children and families are among the softest…

As poverty climbs, Utah’s cash handouts hold steady

21 October 2011
More Utah families slipped into poverty last year, but that wasn’t reflected in the estimated number of households receiving cash help from the government.  As Poverty climbs, Utah's cash handouts hold steady (Salt Lake Tribune, 10-20-11)