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Utah Children in National News - PBS Newshour

03 August 2011
On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, the national PBS Newshour (formerly Jim Lehrer Newshour) did a story on health exchanges that included an interview with our Sr. Health Policy Analyst, Lincoln Nehring. Click on link to view episode http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/july-dec11/utahhealth_08-02.html.

Voices for Utah Children submits testimony on Medicaid to Senator Hatch

19 July 2011
On July 14, Senator Orrin Hatch held U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing in Salt Lake City on Medicaid. Voices for Utah Children submitted written testimony detailing the importance of Medicaid to children. Medicaid is a program that improves child health and…

New Facebook app available from Voices for America's Children

19 July 2011
The news coverage on the federal budget debate is full of pundits and politicians tossing numbers around and grandstanding about fiscal responsibility. But under all this talk, there is something very real and important at stake: the future of the…

Setting Hatch and Herbert straight - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, Lincoln Nehring

15 July 2011
For nearly 50 years Medicaid has provided cost-effective, high-quality health coverage to Utah’s kids. Our state’s children get their vaccinations, have their broken arms set and their cavities filled through Medicaid and CHIP. As a result, Utah children are healthier…

Voices for Utah Children Responds to July 14th Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Medicaid

14 July 2011
Senator Hatch chose a panel that included only Republican governors and rejected a request that the hearing include advocates for Utahns who depend on Medicaid to get the health care they need. Voices for Utah Children Executive Director, Karen Crompton,…

Medicaid vital to Utah's Economy, report says - Salt Lake Tribune

01 July 2011
Medicaid is more than a lifeline for 68 million low-income Americans. It’s good medicine for the economy, says a consumer-advocacy group, which on Wednesday came out with a report condemning proposed cuts to the government health insurance program.  Medicaid vital…

Jury is out on Huntsman's health reform legacy in Utah - Salt Lake Tribune

28 June 2011
Within three months of becoming Utah’s governor in 2005, Jon Huntsman Jr. set a goal of halving the state’s ranks of uninsured. In casting about for solutions, his advisers considered adopting the health fix that Mitt Romney had prescribed for…

Child care programs in public settings have unfair advantage, private providers tell legislators - Deseret News

16 June 2011
To hear one state lawmaker tell it, private child care providers can't compete with child care programs that operate in public schools. Rep. Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville, says state lawmakers need to rectify what he perceives as unfair competition with public…

Despite a recent decline in teen pregnancy rates, taxpayers are still left holding the bag - KSL.com

13 June 2011
Teen pregnancy weighs heavily on not only parents, but taxpayers as well, who often end up footing the bill for babies born to teen moms. Despite a recent decline in teen pregnancy rates, taxpayers are still left holding the bag…

Human Capital & Economic Opportunity: Voices Staff joins "Global Working Group"

08 June 2011
Because of her research on the “sustainable funding model” for preschool, Janis Dubno, our Early Childhood Sr. Policy Analyst was invited earlier this year to join the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity:  A Global Working Group which is part of the…