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Raising Student Achievement by 3rd Grade, The Success of Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) and Florida Public Schools - Report by Janis Dubno

14 September 2011
The Utah Governor’s Education Excellence Commission set a goal that 66 percent of all Utahns ages 24 to 64 will have a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, Utah must graduate an additional 76,000…

Census: More than One in Five children living in poverty New child poverty data demands greater investment in America’s youth, child advocates say - Press Release, Terry Haven

14 September 2011
“We’re deeply concerned that children now make up 35 percent of the nation’s poor,” said Karen Crompton, executive director for Voices for Utah Children and Voices member. “The number of children in poverty should alarm policymakers and the public alike,…

Electronic Notification Helps Keep Utah Kids Connected to Coverage

01 September 2011
A Children's Health Policy Blog - Say Ahhhh! by Barbara Munoz (8-25-11) Although I am admittedly behind the curve a bit, I am proud to say I finally own a smart phone. The level of functionality of this "phone" (let's…

Is Utah the place for low-cost health insurance?

07 September 2011
Utah is a young state. Year after year, its residents, many of them teetotaling, tobacco-shunning Mormons, earn top marks on national wellness score cards. They spend less per capita on medical care than residents in any other state.  Is Utah…

A Sustainable Financing Model High Quality Preschool for At-Risk Children, Results from the Granite School District in Utah - Report by Janis Dubno

07 September 2011
There is growing state and national attention on addressing the achievement gap and increasing reading proficiency by 3rd grade. As state governments continue to face challenging fiscal conditions, there is a need to identify strategies that will lead to improved…

Utah drops in ranking of child well-being - Deseret News Editorial, Terry Haven

06 September 2011
Recently the Annie E. Casey Foundation released its 2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book. This annual publication ranks states based on ten indicators of child well-being. The 2011 Data Book message is "America's children, America's challenge: Promoting opportunity for the next…

National Groups Urge Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius to reject Utah's request to cut health coverage for children while increasing costs to families

03 August 2011
Today, August 3, 2011, 18 national groups submitted a letter to CMS  asking the agency to reject aspects of Utah’s demonstration waiver proposal that threaten to reduce children’s coverage. The proposal seeks to waive: The requirement that the state provide…

Utah Children in National News - PBS Newshour

03 August 2011
On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, the national PBS Newshour (formerly Jim Lehrer Newshour) did a story on health exchanges that included an interview with our Sr. Health Policy Analyst, Lincoln Nehring. Click on link to view episode http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/july-dec11/utahhealth_08-02.html.

Voices for Utah Children submits testimony on Medicaid to Senator Hatch

19 July 2011
On July 14, Senator Orrin Hatch held U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing in Salt Lake City on Medicaid. Voices for Utah Children submitted written testimony detailing the importance of Medicaid to children. Medicaid is a program that improves child health and…

New Facebook app available from Voices for America's Children

19 July 2011
The news coverage on the federal budget debate is full of pundits and politicians tossing numbers around and grandstanding about fiscal responsibility. But under all this talk, there is something very real and important at stake: the future of the…