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Voices for Utah Children picked for national effort to fight poverty

01 May 2014
Voices for Utah Children has been selected a member of the Aspen Institute's Ascend Network of organizations nationwide that use two-generation approaches to disrupt poverty and create economic mobility for families. Voices for Utah Children picked for national effort to…

United Way of Salt Lake announces service award honorees

19 March 2014
United Way of Salt Lake has announced its Celebration of Service award honorees for 2014. United Way will honor Voices for Utah Children as its Promise Partner; Craig Wagstaff, executive vice president and COO of Questar Gas Co. as Outstanding…

Intergenerational Poverty: Kids and Communities

18 March 2014
Voices for Utah Children released a special report, Intergenerational Poverty: Kids and Communities, which evaluates the opportunities available to the over 52,000 children living in intergenerational poverty. The report was presented today to the Intergenerational Poverty Advisory Committee which was…

Op Ed - Letter: Earned-income tax credit would boost economy

09 March 2014
If you had the opportunity to generate $21 million in local economic activity across Utah, cut taxes for low-wage working Utahns, and address child poverty to boot, would you take it? Op Ed - Letter: Earned-income tax credit would boost…

Caring for Kids

07 January 2014
As the world of health care changes with the opening of the federal Healthcare Marketplace, Utah's Avenue H and expanding Medicaid and CHIP programs, the Utah Department of Health is anticipating an increase in the number of children insured through…

Legislative Task Force Weighs Options for Medicaid Expansion

22 November 2013
(KCPW News) A legislative task force researching Utah's healthcare options is considering recommending limited Medicaid expansion to the Utah legislature.

Task force narrows Medicaid expansion options for recommendation to 3

21 November 2013
SALT LAKE CITY — A task force of lawmakers on Thursday adopted a series of best options for the state of Utah regarding potential Medicaid expansion.

Op-Ed by Karen Crompton and David Milliken: Making Utah the best place for business and kids

12 November 2013
As much of the country continues to grapple with the economic downturn, our state's economy has expanded at a rate of 2.3 percent since 2006. For three years in a row Utah has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as the…

UT Kids Count: early childhood education underfunded

04 November 2013
There should be greater focus and more funding for high-quality education during the critical first eight years of a child's life, according to Terry Haven with Voices for Utah Children.

Op Ed by Lincoln Nehring - My view: The Medicaid and CHIP programs work

08 October 2013
Let's face it. For too many families, applying for Utah's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or Medicaid programs means navigating a complicated, unnecessary bureaucracy where the process trumps the person.