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Healthy Utah Poll

17 June 2014
This report presents the results of a poll of 623 registered voters across the State of Utah regardingGovernor Herbert’s recently crafted Healthy Utah Plan. Responses were collected through phoneinterviews and online survey questionnaires. The survey was conducted in May and…

Voices for Utah Children picked for national effort to fight poverty

01 May 2014
Voices for Utah Children has been selected a member of the Aspen Institute's Ascend Network of organizations nationwide that use two-generation approaches to disrupt poverty and create economic mobility for families. Voices for Utah Children picked for national effort to…

Study: Fewer Utah children going without health insurance

10 April 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — Fewer Utah kids are going without health insurance, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Study: Fewer Utah children going without health insurance (Deseret News, 4-10-14) Other related articles: Report: More Utah…

Editorial: Minority children falling behind

04 April 2014
Utah is not as homogeneous as it used to be. Fifty years ago Utah was overwhelmingly white, even overwhelmingly western European white. Diversity was a word you didn't often hear. The state was monocultural in its demographics and in residents'…

Results of new race report released

01 April 2014
Nineveh Dinha talks with Terry Haven with Voices for Utah Children about the results of a race report. Click here to be directed view interview.         

Minority kids don’t fare as well as whites in Utah

01 April 2014
Minority children fare worse in Utah than their white counterparts, but there are plenty of challenges — poverty, and poor access to health care and education — to go around, according to a new national study. Minority kids don't fare…

Results-Based Financing for Preschool Catching On

21 March 2014
Six hundred 3- and 4-year-olds are attending preschool in Salt Lake County and Park City, Utah, this year thanks to an innovative financing model that is catching the attention of government officials and lawmakers across the country. Results-Based Financing for…

United Way of Salt Lake announces service award honorees

19 March 2014
United Way of Salt Lake has announced its Celebration of Service award honorees for 2014. United Way will honor Voices for Utah Children as its Promise Partner; Craig Wagstaff, executive vice president and COO of Questar Gas Co. as Outstanding…

Intergenerational Poverty: Kids and Communities

18 March 2014
Voices for Utah Children released a special report, Intergenerational Poverty: Kids and Communities, which evaluates the opportunities available to the over 52,000 children living in intergenerational poverty. The report was presented today to the Intergenerational Poverty Advisory Committee which was…

Where you live makes a difference in escaping the impacts of poverty

18 March 2014
It's not just a factor in real estate. It's a significant factor in child well-being, a new report on intergenerational poverty concludes. The report, Intergenerational Poverty: Kids and Communities, examines intergenerational poverty in six ZIP codes in Salt Lake, Davis…