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Medicaid ‘coverage gap’ a concern for all Utah lawmakers

18 February 2014
GOP lawmakers outnumber Democrats in a ranking of Utah legislative districts most affected by the Medicaid "coverage gap."  Republicans preside over six of 10 Senate districts and seven of 10 House districts with the greatest share of constituents in the…

Lawmakers hope to find funding for pre-k education

28 January 2014
A bill that would help fund pre-school education is the state is generating buzz at the capitol. The pre-k bill is expected to target kids at risk of falling behind before they even enter public school.

Low-Income Fourth Graders Lagging Behind Peers in Reading Scores

28 January 2014
Utah Fourth Graders are all improving their reading scores, but child advocacy group Voices for Utah Children notes that over the past decade, fourth graders who come from low-income families have not improved as quickly as their peers.

Reading scores show need for preschool funding, advocates say

28 January 2014
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) As lawmakers head back to the Capitol this week a hotly debated issue continues to boil: preschool funding.

Group plays Chutes & Ladders at Capitol to promote preschool education

28 January 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — Legislators at the state Capitol on Tuesday found themselves among children hopping, skipping and even rolling on a life-size game of Chutes and Ladders. Related article(s): Kids play Chutes and Ladders at Capitol to Promote Legislation…

Report Shows Utah Students Lag in Early Reading

29 January 2014
Despite some improvement in the past decade, nearly two-thirds of Utah's fourth-grade students are not reading at a proficient level, according to a new Kids Count report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Editorial: Utah legislators give hopeful preschool signs

29 January 2014
Bills recognize value to at-risk kids.

High Quality Preschool Closes the Achievement Gap

28 January 2014
Evidence from a High Quality Title I Preschool Program in Utah - Improvements in Academic Achievement Persist.

Utah guv: Medicaid will expand

23 January 2014
Health reform • Either route pitched by legislative panel would help more Utahns pay for private insurance plans.

Caring for Kids

07 January 2014
As the world of health care changes with the opening of the federal Healthcare Marketplace, Utah's Avenue H and expanding Medicaid and CHIP programs, the Utah Department of Health is anticipating an increase in the number of children insured through…