“I wouldn’t have been able to afford the hospital stay or his [type 1] diabetic supplies without CHIP.”

D’Andre had always been a very healthy boy, so when he started sweating profusely and experiencing terrible fatigue, his mom knew something was wrong. The doctor’s office immediately suspected that D’Andre might have Type 1 Diabetes so they tested his blood sugar. The initial reading was so high that the monitor was not even able to register the number. The doctor sent him immediately to the emergency room where his blood sugar was reading almost four times the normal limit for a healthy child his age. His situation was dire and required a week-long stay in the hospital to normalize the levels and adjust his insulin. Fortunately staff at the hopstial helped ease a little of [his mother’s] worries when they told her that D’Andre would likely qualify for CHIP. They helped her apply and gave her advice on the paperwork and D’Andre was quickly approved.

Six months later, D’Andre is doing well managing his diabetes with the help of his family…His mother has the peace of mind that his medications and doctor visits are covered by CHIP.”