Little Kids, Big Impacts

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We are on a mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of young children! But we can't do it alone. 

We need your invaluable financial support to sustain a proactive campaign of engagement with local communities over the next five years, focused specifically on improving the lives of Utah's youngest children. 

Investing in children before the age of six is shown to result in positive lifelong outcomes for kids, their families and their communities. Our "Little Kids, Big Impacts" Campaign will be built on initiating change at the local level, initiating immediate positive impacts for families in select communities, while also creating a wave of statewide momentum toward increased investment in the future success of families with young children. 

Our approach is rooted in reliable quantitative and qualitative data, guided by evidence and community needs. We firmly believe that by identifying local strengths and challenges, in partnership with community leaders, we can help pave the way for sustainable change that directly benefits these little ones and their families.

Our Focus

Our initial efforts are focused on three Wasatch Front "pilot communities": Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo. 

Utah, Weber and Salt Lake Counties are home to nearly 2/3rds of the entire population in Utah. There are thousands of little kids living in these three cities who can benefit from concerted investment and collaboration by adults in a position to help - and that is what "Little Kids, Big Impacts" is all about. 

In each of these three geographic areas, our organization will:

  • Convene local leaders to examine and refine data about their communities, while also identifying key resources available to address challenges revealed in the data.
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders - from grassroots folks to high-level officials - to identify unrealized community potential for policy and programmatic progress to benefit young children (prenatal to 5) and their families.
  • Empower community representatives with information about successful policies and practices that are helping families with young children, elsewhere in the state, as well as across the nation.
  • Initiate local action across neighborhoods to generate excitement for, and a sense of urgency about, investing in the policies and programs that most benefit young children.
  • Connect these communities to one another, as well as others across the state, to build momentum toward statewide progress on issues that affect Utah’s youngest residents.

Join the Campaign

We are excited to engage you in this campaign alongside our staff, board and community partners! Our hope for Little Kids, Big Impacts Campaign Funders is that you will:

  • Commit to an initial investment, to ensure a thoughtful rollout and sustainable implementation.
  • Participate in an informal “Campaign Advisory Board” that will share lessons learned from the Campaign with other community leaders.
  • Contribute connections, observations and insights that will strengthen the work of the Campaign.
  • Capitalize on opportunities to learn about successful community programs that support young children and their families, and play a role in connecting those programs to broader Campaign efforts.
  • Leverage community influence and relationships to energize a statewide focus on the health, safety and success of young children!

Through our decades of work advocating for Utah children, we have come to know how much individual Utahns care about their children. Based on our recent experience advocating for state-level policies that prioritize young children, though, we anticipate an ongoing lack of bold state action in this area.

If we want to work toward a state where young children are prioritized in the way they deserve, and in the ways we know will ensure future success for Utah communities, local action and decisive community leadership will be critical. Little Kids, Big Impacts is a way for us to work together for immediate impact in support of Utah families with young children - and we are excited to have you as part of this effort! 


You can also make a one-time or reoccurring donation to our organization here

Questions about the campaign? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact Moe Hickey at  or call 801.364.1182